The Torre Morúna, early 20th century.  This medieval guard tower, about which memories exist as from 1543, was probably built for the counts of Empúries to protect the maritime transport from piracy, but in 1712, in front of the creek La Creu, a ship of pirates boarded a Catalan boat that transported salt, and two sailors were taken hostage.  The tower was rebuilt in the 18th century by Josep Maranges de Marimon (the tower bears the coat of arms of this family).  Rebuilt in 1873, the top of the tower was cut off after the opening of the road in 1896.  From the top we can see the tower of Montgó and those of the bastioned farms of Les Cors and of Vilanera, constituting a fire or smoke signals network to warn about the presence of pirates.
Today (picture April 2011), practically invisible nowadays from the road because surrounded by villas.