Josep Esquirol’s picture from the beginning of the 20th century showing the public washhouse and its fountain.  A text dated September 1996 on a panel close to the washhouse indicates : “Since the beginnings of L’Escala the drinkable water supply was one of the main problems.  Until this washhouse and the fountain were launched, the population had to draw rainwater out of cisterns or use the water out of the wells of the city, but this last was brackish because of the proximity of the sea.  In 1796, the drinking water of the Fornaca spring, 1.4 km away, was channeled to this place.  Ten drilled stone pillars let escape the air to facilitate the circulation of the ground waters.  That caused an important improvement in the habits and quality of life.  In the year 1887 the washhouse was built using the gutter of the Mill to use running water.  In 1916, finally, the mayor Joan Baptista Gou i de Palol inaugurated the running water supply to the city in the middle of a big popular celebration”.
Same place, October 2011, next to the Pedró fountain, close to the Museu de la Sal (Salt Museum).  The road is called for that matter Camí de la Font (fountain road).  At this place begins the forest road that leads to Empúries.