A picture of the Port d’en Perris taken around 1905 by Josep Esquirol.  The western end of the Port d’en Perris is called La Punta.  Long ago there were on that spot the Sala shipyards, which are now located at the port of La Clota, and which had been created in 1835 by Francesc Granés i Poch.  In 1944, Josep Pla let the master marine carpenter Vadoret build the Mestral.  The boat was built here, at the Port d’en Perris, in the middle of a huge popular excitation. An old document describes it : “It was a small Majorcan decked boat, excellent to sail, that Vadoret had built with an extraordinary taste, a boat that had really pleased me and that I really sold by necessity, with much reluctance.  The Mestral is in the heart of my memories about L’Escala.  (…) When the master carpenter was manufacturing this boat, I spent many hours in the La Punta workshop.  I will enjoy living in this area.  It is very pleasant to spend a while with the wooden boat builders. (…) The small shipyards are lovely.  Wood releases a delicious odor.”
Same place, October 2010.  As La Platja, this smaller port is surrounded by terraces and restaurants too.  Today, the Port d'en Perris is a pebble beach considered as one of the most emblematic places of L’Escala.