Night sight of La Platja, west side, postcard sent in 1974.  There is not yet a real car park, but at the place where the cars are parked will appear a few years later a broad pavement where the opposite bars and restaurants will install a terrace.  These terraces were removed afterwards. At the end of the balustrade, behind the churrería (churros stall), we see the small construction for the towing machine allowing to tow the boats by means of cables and pulleys.  The large building with tower, on the left, is the modernistic Casa de la Punxa (house of the headland), which gave its name to the street (carrer La Torre).  It was built for the ice factory in 1919.  The bar Caravel•la exists from the Fifties, on the site of an old salting workshop.
Postcard of the same place, by night too, sold in 2010.  There is now a true pavement, a balustrade and a car park “won” on the sea.  The machinery of the towing machine was saved and placed at the center of the roundabout, as historical monument.