The Platja in 1910.  The beautiful description which follows is provided (in Catalan) by the restaurant Cal Galán.  Launching of the boats : the absence of wharf obliged to take the boats out of the water, when they came back, and to put them back into the water when they set out to sea.  It was a real show to see the set out of the boats at twilight.  There were about five sailors by crew and, at the shout of “Oooup, vara va” (Oooup, beach it, go), they pushed the heavy nets on their back unnailing them from the pieces of wood.  This is the origin of the nickname esquenapelats which was given to the L’Escala’s fishermen.  The boat slipped on wood beams lubricated with tallow until it entered the water causing waves.  The operation had to be fast while putting the last beam into the water, because the sailor had to pay attention not to be knocked down by the speed acquired by the boat.  The nets : the port of L’Escala became the most important of the Costa Brava in net fishing, with more than fifty boats and their lámparos (gas lamps to fish with light).
Picture October 2011.  It is the Indian summer on the Platja which gets back its tranquility.  The temperature is often more than 20°C until late in November and swimming in the sea is still possible.