Vernon Richards’ picture (1957-1961) : two women take water at the fountain of the Plaça Avi Xaxu, in the past Plaça del Pou (place of the well). Josep Vicens i Juli, or l’Avi Xaxu (the Xaxu Grandfather) (L’Escala, 1870 - 1956) was a sardanes and music composer. He is the componer of some of the most famous sardanes of all times, like Bona Festa or Carícies (Caresses).  He was the father of Josep Vicens i Mornau (1895 – 1987), and the grandfather of Josep Vicens i Busquets (1917-2010), both composers of sardanes escalencs too (= of L’Escala).
Picture October 2011.  We are at the same place.  There is no fountain any more, but the well still exists and its water is visible through a decorative grid (at the utmost right on the picture).