The construction of the old Casa Gran (Big House) was finished at the punta de l’Olla (headland of the Pot) on December 31st, 1699, and it was a noble building.  During the War of Succession, it was the summer house of the baron de Croze.  In September 1711, it was transformed into a fort of the Bourbons, considering the port of L’Escala ensured the logistic support and support for the defence artillery of the maritime supplies’ convoys between Gerona and Rosas.  In September 1713, the Austrian troops commanded by Staremberg and Wyts, fought to recover the Citadel of Rosas, and the Big House exploded by more than 60 mines.  Maria Francesca de Wyts, owner of the Bellcaire’s pool and married with the marquis Luis de Blondel, governor of Lérida, inherited the Big House.  Since the marriage of her daughter Maria Genoveva de Blondel with Juan de Miguel, baron de Púbol, in 1773, the Big House remained in the property of the barons.  In 1921 it accomodated the administration of the omnibus line of the barons de Púbol and in the Sixties, the Bahia hotel / El Marquesado, until the substitution of this last by the current building
Picture March 2011.  Let us compare the two pictures : the house on the left with its beautiful balcony still exists.  If we read again the description of the old picture, we’ll understand better why the Gómez family decided to change the name of the Bahia hotel, result of the renovation of the Casa Gran (1959-1960) in “Hostal El Marquesado” (the Marquisate) a few years later.