Cinc Claus is a hamlet of L’Escala, behind Sant Martí d'Empúries.  An old tradition of L’Escala makes that people meet at Easter Monday to celebrate Santa Reparada at Cinc Claus. At the chapel of Santa Reparada there is a poem of Caterina Albert i Paradís, better known under the pen name of Victor Català.  She wrote a new poem shortly after the arson of the chapel by the Republicans at the beginning of the Civil war in 1936. We read there : --- what means : The chapel of Cinc Claus Chapel like a refuge built at the time of Saint Paul ; you observe the life of the contemporaries, you keep vigil over the peace of the deceased. By the old devotions and the old images, the worthless enemy partisans will transform into logs.
The current photograph of the Santa Reparada chapel was made in June 2013.  Most of the old houses were carefully restored.  Very rural.